YOU Are Late, the Event Wasn’t


Misplaced modifiers. Sometimes they are hilarious, but usually they are just confusing.

Some examples:

Mark took a picture of the deer with the telephoto lens. Oh, did he now? Was that instead of taking the picture of the deer with the wide angle lens? And pray tell, what use would a deer have for a telephoto lens, or any lens?

A favourite from my college journalism program from the text “A Canadian Writer’s Guide” by Diana Hacker: “The robber was described as a six-foot-tall man with a mustache weighing 150 pounds.” I wonder if you could make wigs from mustache hair and, if so, how many wigs would a 150-pound mustache make?

Then there is the one that grates on my nerves the most: greeting belated event!

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Disagreement on Subject-Verb Agreement

kids-girl-pencil-drawing-159823With this, my first blog on this site, I’m going to risk the wrath of my English cousins. To clarify, my English cousins who are from and/or live in England, where my paternal grand-parents were from. I’m not referring to English speakers in general. I’m going to actually accuse them of being the worst violators of the language on the planet. It could be argued that it is their language to do with as they please; it evolved with them. However, I would say if you’re going to allow a large portion of the world to inherit your language, you owe it to them to set good examples when using it yourself.

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The View From Up There

The View From Up There

I am 61 years old as I write this. I have lived in seven decades, two centuries and two millennia. I have been a radio host, computer support analyst, author and jack-of-all-trades. Whether, or not, any of this life experience qualifies me to speak on many of the things I will write about here, I don’t know. I don’t consider myself an expert in anything although I do have a remarkable accumulated knowledge of music and film. But I don’t think that makes me an expert on those things either.

I do, however, feel we are each experts in the way events and things make us feel: in the effects they have on us personally. What we feel is never wrong; it just is what it is. What you feel is yours and yours alone. You may share it, but it doesn’t necessarily change the way others feel about the same things. Our opinions are often founded in what we feel, bolstered, hopefully, by  significant facts that support the belief and, thus, the opinion.

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